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Transformative meeting: the creative moment in screen performance

[title_box title="Transformative meeting" subtitle="the creative moment in screen performance" custom_class="home1"] Helen Goritsas Academy of Information Technology Abstract In this paper the creative moment in screen performance will be examined. An encounter theory of modern cinema will be introduced and the connectedness of the process of screen performance in filmmaking and its reception explored. The…
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The scholarly studio: developing a new aesthetic of the multi-camera television studio as an academic research tool

[title_box title="The scholarly studio" subtitle="developing a new aesthetic of the multi-camera television studio as an academic research tool" custom_class="home1"] Trevor Hearing Bournemouth University Abstract This paper examines the potential to develop live multi-camera screen production methods as a scholarly form of communication. Drawing on experimental work in broadcasting in the 1970s and early 1980s,…
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Evocative moments with smartphone cameras

[title_box title="Evocative moments with smartphone cameras" custom_class="home1"] Marsha Berry RMIT University Abstract Photography and video making have become entangled with mobility and mobile social media as experienced in everyday life. This, in turn has affected how smartphones and applications influence contemporary everyday aesthetics. Romance, memory, nostalgia, playfulness and epiphany all play a part in…
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Narrative comedy screenwriting: the role of critical reflection in creative practice

[title_box title="Narrative comedy screenwriting" subtitle="the role of critical reflection in creative practice" custom_class="home1"] Susan Cake Queensland University of Technology Abstract Larger classes, reduced class contact time and increased use of casual staff pose challenges to holistic, project-based approaches to teaching screenwriting in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. This paper examines the impact…
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Finding the lightbulb moment: creativity and inspiration in the teaching of the craft of screenwriting

[title_box title="Finding the lightbulb moment" subtitle="creativity and inspiration in the teaching of the craft of screenwriting" custom_class="home1"] Margaret McVeigh Griffith Film School Abstract The writing of a screenplay requires inspiration and its development via the processes of creativity and the tools of craft. This paper explores a practical integration of creativity and craft in…
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The special place of fiction in creative practice research: a screenwriting approach

[title_box title="The special place of fiction in creative practice research" subtitle="a screenwriting approach" custom_class="home1"] Craig Batty RMIT University Abstract Creative practice research has become a staple of many university research cultures, and is core to the work of many members of the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association community. We know of its…
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The filmmakers’ research perspectives: an overview of Australian and UK filmmaking research

[title_box title="The filmmakers’ research perspectives" subtitle="an overview of Australian and UK filmmaking research" custom_class="home1"] Susan Kerrigan University of Newcastle Joanna Callaghan University of Sussex Abstract Filmmaking research is part of the broader practice research paradigm – known as practice-led, practice-based and creative practice research – where films are created as research outputs in…
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Research Fellowship Opportunity

2017 AFIRC Research Fellowship The AFI Research Collection, in partnership with Screen Cultures from the Centre for Communications, Politics and Culture, is pleased to announce the 2017 AFIRC Research Fellowship. Proposals are invited from scholars wishing to undertake research that utilises and promotes the resources of the AFI Research Collection. The Fellowship is designed to…
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Morning coffee ‘n chat

[title_box title="Morning coffee 'n chat" custom_class="home1"] Question: What should a 'disruptive' journal of media practice look like? Grab a morning (virtual) coffee with us and join us in sunny Melbourne for a discussion about creative practice research and 'publishing' practice-based research artefacts. As part of a special issue of the Journal of Media Practice, hosted…
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