ASPERA’s new look

ASPERA's new look

Online Communications Editor report

The past 12 months been very busy and productive ones.


ASPERA's old logo

We redesigned ASPERA's logo to better reflect our peak body status, ensuring that key elements from the old design be retained.  By reversing the RGB 'tissue box' device and placing it over black instead of white, the once shy logo now boldly stands out, appropriately suggestive of who we are, why we exist and what we stand for.

We also decided to build a new website.   Key design principles included making the site more image 'rich', written content tailored web, simpler / cleaner navigation and a strong grid layout.  All of these have been incorporated into the website which you are now viewing.

The site's dark theme is intended to echo the feeling of being at a cinema, focusing the viewer's eyes on the screen ahead.  The home page, with its colours from the sky above and red dirt under our feet, express a uniquely Australian flavour.  The menu tabs are purposely simple - no submenus.  All content, or links to content, should be found at the next level, but a full site map is also included in the page footer.

We moved the web hosting to a new ISP with a conventional control panel 'back end', allowing us much greater control over the design of the site than the previous version allowed.  Currently, this new site sits separately to the old, however as content is gradually ported across to its new home and the functionality fully tested, the old site can eventually be decommissioned.

Richard Seale

ASPERA Online Communications Editor 2015/16

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